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The Medical Sales Quick Delivery Dilemma

December 27, 2018

As a medical sales representative; how often have you heard this:

“I need this as soon as possible!”  or “I need this right now!”

The need for immediate delivery is because you have demonstrated a fantastic solution in your sales pitch (excellent work) and your customer wants that solution right now.  The reasoning for your customer is they have pressing needs and they want to have those needs met so they come out looking great!

How soon the product is delivered is the final sales pitch to your customer.  Your product has been sold, your solution has been sold, your price has been accepted, but if you can’t get your product to your customer when they need it then you may have lost the sale.

This is why it is important to frame your sales pitch to support the idea that your solution is the best out there but it’s not a quick fix.

Sometimes, you may have to walk away from a sale because the customer may have unrealistic expectations about the product.  His or her demands may also be out of your power to meet.  Make sure that your sales pitch adheres to your own ethics.

Do not lie to your customer about delivery because you want to make the sale.  Doing so will make you untrustworthy to your current customer and word-of-mouth spreads quickly, making it harder for you to gain new customers.

Losing a six-figure sale because of the customer’s “need it now” attitude can be deflating, however, losing multiple future six-figure-sales because of untrustworthy behavior could be a devastating blow to your career.

Let’s face it, medical sales is a tough game.  You’re going to run into several customers who make unreasonable demands.  Staying in the game successfully means giving your best pitches without compromising your personal ethics.