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September 29, 2009

It is recommended that you put this information in a 3-ring binder with tabs for each classification. Keep the originals in your book, but be prepared to furnish copies if requested.

  • Copy of resume
  • Copy of references: three business, three personal
  • Include as much contact information as possible, ex. phone #’s (cell, home, pager), address, relationship to you, e-mail
  • Any documentation to back up accomplishments on resume (highlight your name)
  • Take pictures of any awards, plaques, etc
  • Copy of any field evaluations, salary reviews, performance reviews
  • Sample of work, market plan, monthly report, etc
  • Copy of last year’s W-2 and copy of current pay stub
  • Original copy of college transcript
  • DMV report (Department of Motor Vehicles)
  • Copy of Drivers license
  • Copy of SS card
  • Any letters or emails you have received from customers, Managers, Upper Level Management or colleagues