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Tips to Advance Your Career During the COVID-19 Crisis: For Medical Sales Reps

Medical sales representatives should plan how to advance your career after this COVID-19 crisis

June 11, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic is no longer news and most nations of the world, especially businesses, have suffered greatly from its adverse effect on world economy. Though, the occurrence of COVID-19 has posed a high level of uncertainty in every areas of our lives, most importantly, our health and finance. This doesn't mean we should surrender ourselves to it. Rather, we must know that the pandemic will sooner or later come to an end. Therefore, we are to prepare our minds on how to come out of this period even as medical sales representatives.

As medical sales representatives, you should plan on how to advance your career after this COVID-19 crisis. You should use the time while staying indoor to develop strategies to make you a better medical sales rep or better still, how to take your medical sales career to the next level.

Are you wondering about what to do to advance your medical sales career during this time? You need not to worry. We have compiled these tips on things you should do while you endure the COVID-19 crisis and in preparation to be a more effective medical sales rep when it's over.

1) Increase Knowledge

It can be a difficult task studying while you have to work. However, now is a good opportunity for you to take an online course, attend an online seminar or webinar. You should spend your time reading books and journals on how to be a productive medical sales personnel and how to improve on your marketing and sales skills.

2) Work On Your Resume

Your resume should be a good representation of who you are and what your abilities are. Therefore, your resume should contain a detailed information needed by your employers. This should be done especially if you are still planning to look out for a new job or taking a new work position such as an administrative or leadership position after the COVID-19  crisis.

3) Improve Your Product Knowledge

Having a detailed and concise knowledge of the product that you sell will enhance your marketing ability. It will also help you find the right persons who are in need of your products. You should spend more time learning about each product available by your manufacturer and how your product is beneficial over other brands.

4) Time to Network With Other Professionals

Connecting with other professionals on social media platforms can be a great idea. You should form a bond with other medical salespersons on social platform such as LinkedIn and Facebook groups where you can share career ideas together. You can also ask for recommendations from your group members. One other importance of networking is that you may find someone from your group who is working in a company you might want to apply to or who knows a prospective customer that needs your product.

5) Build a Mentor-Protege Relationship

You need a mentor to guide and encourage you in almost every areas of life if you actually want to be successful. Having a mentor to guide you through your career as a medical sales rep can really be helpful and it will increase your chances of climbing to the top of your career in no time. A mentor will help you overcome many challenges by guiding you through their wealth of experiences and career expertise. If you don't have a mentor already, it's time to choose one or re-establish a mentor-protege relationship that you have neglected.

6) Develop a Time Management Strategy

Time management is one of the major challenges faced by many medical sales reps. This is due to the tasks and tight schedule involve with medical sales. You should work on strategies that will help you manage your time effectively and productively. Write out these strategies and plans on implementing them. You should try out this time management strategies during this COVID-19 crisis while you are not working yet and see how effective they are or how to improve on them.

7) Improve Your Physical and Emotional Health

You might be wondering how improving on your physical and emotional health is related to advancing your medical career. The pandemic has affected many people's physical and emotional health. Improve your mind, stay healthy, be happy and live a life of gratefulness.

8) Create a Unique Career Path For Yourself

This is a good time for you to plan where you want your career to be in the next five to ten years.

Take out some time to think about how to climb the ladder of your career to the top. Write down your goals and strategies to achieve them. Make sure your goals are SMART goals and be determined to make them happen.