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Time Management for Medical Sales Reps

Time Management for Medical Sales Reps

February 21, 2019

Time management is a critical issue most individuals try to combat daily.  Medical device sales reps are no exception. Being a medical device sales rep is exciting and filled with fun because of the different kinds of clients you are likely to meet while marketing your medical product. The job is even more exciting if you are required to travel.  However, travel creates an increased need for quality time management.

As a medical device sales rep, you will need a lot of energy, negotiation skills, commitment, and excellent customer service. Learning how to better manage your time will ensure success as a sales rep. Are you struggling with bad time management habits?  If so, that’s okay. We are here to help you out.

Consistently set daily sales goals and stay focused; the secret to effective time management.

As a medical device sales rep, sometimes your job description requires maintaining old clients, seeking out and meeting with new clients, weekly sales team meetings and sometimes a monthly report meeting with your manager. You will also be required to attend a sales show or conferences, along with other tasks. An inability to have planned daily sales goals to be achieved can create weak monthly sales. This could mean a weak monthly pay if your pay depends on your sales target achieved.

So how can you organize a daily sales goal and achieve it when there are lots of distractions and unplanned circumstances at play?

Keeping a sales goal and staying focused to achieve it is easy for some but to others it’s far more difficult. To achieve success, you must:

1. Have a monthly sales goal

You can set a monthly goal like maintaining 20 old clients and gaining eight new clients each month, traveling the region of North Florida, and performing some administrative task like replying to email messages. This depends on your job description and the type of medical device products you are selling. You must also plan how many dollars you want to cash in per month so that you can competitively hunt for new clients and retain old ones. The monthly goal is then subdivided into weekly and daily goals.

2. Plan each day at the beginning of the week

Take time to plan out each day of the week at the start of the week. This is a time investment worth making on the way to achieving your goal.  Make sure to plan which day of the week you want to travel, and then write out the names of your clients in the area that you would like to visit or deliver a product to. Map out uncovered parts of the area to hunt for new clients.

3. Review your daily goals at the start and the end of each day

To keep track of your sales success path, review your daily goal at the start of the day and allocate time to be spent against each task. First, fill in the important and urgent tasks on your to-do list, then the important but not urgent items. Use your energy and vitality on the important and urgent tasks during the early hours of the day. Make sure you add in break time on your schedule. Evaluate your performance at the end of the day, mark out the achieved tasks and measure the success rate. See how you can make the next day more productive by achieving more important tasks.

Take the time to manage your time. You’ll find that fewer things fall through the cracks, the steps towards your goals will become clearer and easier to achieve, and you’ll be a better sales rep to your clients. That’s what we call success!